Spaces Between (2012, Ink and Sound)

An exploration of roots, fusing elements from traditional Chinese music with jazz and alternative folk. Songs in three languages: French, English, and Mandarin Chinese.

Tracks + Lyrics


Dawn Xiana Moon: piano, guitar, vocals
Cory Biggerstaff: upright bass
Joe Chellman: drums
Chihsuan Yang: erhu
Yunqing Pan: guzheng
David Kav: vocals on "Strong" and "Sinking"

Produced by Dawn Xiana Moon
Recorded and Mixed by Rob Ruccia at Uptown Recording
Mastered by Doug McBride at Gravity Studios

Design by Dawn Xiana Moon
Photography by Michael Rush
Makeup by Amber Morrow
Hair by Sarah Rylee

Love and Gravity (2009, LaSalle Street)

Songs of faith you don't hear much in church - alt country, pop, indie rock, folk, alternative - created by artists in a progressive church community in Chicago. Love, pain, yearning, humility, and sincerity.


  1. It Hurts Here - Gary Rand
  2. I Believe - Torreya Hamilton
  3. Rattle My Bones - Joel Dewey
  4. Someplace to Go - Alaina Stacey
  5. Under the Mercy - Chris Stacey
  6. Jesus Calls Us - Joe Ananias
  7. God is a Woman - Matt Black
  8. Be Still (Psalm 46) - Dawn Xiana Moon
  9. Sticks and Stones - The Stacey Brothers
  10. Jordan River (Will You Let Me Pass) - Evan Holmes
  11. Let Love Love You - Hannah Rand
  12. Angry Season - Jason Baker
  13. Prince of Peace - Oreon K. Trickey

First Verse EP (2004, DreamLoud Records)

Out of Print

From classical pianist to singer-songwriter after discovering anarchy in the guitar. Melodic folk pop infused with passion and honesty.

Tracks + Lyrics


Dawn Xiana Moon: keyboard, guitar, vocals
Bethany Erhardt: cello
Ben Rickert: guitar, djembe, and vocals on "Keep Holding On"
Rich Blatt: electric guitar on "Found"
John Nikolich: drum set on "Found"
Ralf Patterson: bass on "Found"

Recorded and Engineered at ThirdRail Productions by Rich Blatt
Mastered by Will Spencer at Solid Sound
Co-Produced by Rich Blatt and Dawn Xiana Moon

Design by Dawn Xiana Moon
Photography by Dan Danilowicz and Dawn Xiana Moon

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