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Photography: Kat Fitzgerald, Michael Rush

The Usual Suspects: Cory Biggerstaff (upright bass), Darren Scorza (drums)

Influential Music Teachers: Rosie Lopez, Carol Tallieu, Edward J. Lucius, Julia Broxholm
Influential Writers: CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien, Franz Kafka, Ted Chiang, Mary Doria Russell, Amy Tan, Gabriel García Márquez
Influential Musicians: Over the Rhine, Vienna Teng, Philip Glass, Jason Robert Brown, Sufjan Stevens, Eva Cassidy, Claude Debussy

Best Starship Captain: Jean-Luc Picard
Favorite Doctor Who Episodes: Vincent and the Doctor, The Beast Below, The Doctor's Wife
Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe: New York Times, adapted from Jacques Torres
Best Dark Chocolate Truffles: Pascal Caffet, France
Country with the Best Food: Singapore
Favorite Countries to Linger in: France, Italy

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