Biography of a Musician

Words and Music by Dawn Xiana Moon

When I was ten I wanted to run an amusement park, design all the rides
When I was twelve I had a plan, lawyer, judge, senator and then
The plan, it stopped, I was the kid who when we sang
"Anybody Could Grow Up to Be President"
I raised my hand I said I wasn't born here
I can't

When I was seventeen I decided to be a flutist, play in an orchestra
My mom was skeptical, my dad believed
Then I hit college and wasn't sure what I wanted to do
My parents, they said, "You used to be so ambitious as a child
Now that decisions matter, what's happened to you?"

When I was nineteen I wanted to be an actress, start a theatre company
My parents said, "Why don't you try advertising"
Then at twenty I happened to be in the music school one day
Played piano for hours, didn't realize how time had flown
Decided I had to be a songwriter
My parents still think it's nuts

Get a real job

In two months I've toured seven states without owning a car
In three years haven't had a working guitar
I'm struggling to pay the bills

Is this a calling? Is this a dream?
Is this foolishness or is it wise?
Let's be honest, there are days I cannot tell

I've got my doubts but a friend once told me
Sometimes a ragamuffin, he can give more
Than a man who's born with a silver spoon.

© 2005

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