Words and Music by Dawn Xiana Moon

All I want is counterfeit
Could I even handle the real thing?
But everything not him is distraction
I'd only lose myself in the end

I'm eating ice cream sandwiches, the cleanness of its artifice
Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, factory-standard flavors
Why didn't I just tell you that you're really not an interest
'Cause I'm craving the attention, the affection once again?

I'm begging for the semblence of love

I'm holding myself back from plunging into the fire
All the cautions and advice that I would give to another
How can light find fellowship with unthinking darkness
But let's be honest now, it'd just be self-indulgent

I'm surrounded by the semblence of love

Don't love these ways
Don't love these goods
The love of these squeezes out your love of him
Wanting your own way
Wanting everything for yourself
Appear important
It's just isolating

© 2005

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