Words by Karen Latus and Dawn Xiana Moon, Music by Dawn Xiana Moon

Tears on the windowpane reflecting those on your face
Hope seems elusive today
When will this pane of glass reflect the beauty of a song
And the sun pour on your face

Take me away
Just let me fly away

Emptiness of the dark reflects the hollows left inside
Neverending hurt brings cries for justice
Collapsed on the ground, avoiding any sound
Cover your lips so no one hears

Brush them aside in the morning - smile and go on your way
The world has no time for your pain - fake defiance
Hold your head up high - 'til protection of night sets you free

Songs come in the morning with memories of pain
Melt together as an alloy
Reach out and grasp - your hand will not be empty
You've found your song again

I'll find my way
I'll face another day

Hope today.

© 2002

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