In the End

Words and Music by Dawn Xiana Moon

He spent long hours in the dark, barely lit
Illumination coming from a screen
Years ago he said to her perfection is you
And then came the steady creep of silence, she’s not new

And everyone just leaves you in the end

She wrote down all his words, kept them hid in a box
He said he loved her passion and the way she saw the world
Now she says hello and he doesn’t even turn
Actors on his television better friends for now

And everyone just leaves you in the end

She held out a bluebird
And said please let her sing
Please don’t crush her in your hands
She gave you her skin
To wipe the memories away
But you’re a stranger to me now

Imitation, déjà-vu, and history repeats
A foreign presence permeates the room
A winter day too warm and lust was inches away
The third one lies between his arms and she could feel her too

© 2012

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