Lullaby (Close Your Eyes)

Words and Music by Dawn Xiana Moon

For Tait.

Close your eyes and rest
We'll be alright
This hollowness will fade
Take comfort love, I promise to be here

Close your eyes and rest
You've allowed me to be weak
In your eyes is who I want to be

You were a pharos in the darkness
An anchor in the seas
When I forgot who I was
You reminded me

So close your eyes and rest
I'm reminding you
That diamonds hold their worth
Through the pressure and the flame

He left it all to reach you
Ineffable his name
In all your failures and your weakness
Indelible this grace

So close your eyes and rest
It's going to take some time
This hurting will get easier
So close your eyes
And rest
In this love

© 2003

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