Self-Destructive (If I Ran Away)

Words and Music by Dawn Xiana Moon

If I ran away tonight, would you notice I was gone
I've gotten so used to lying that I, I am strong
Please help me now, I'm feeling just a little self-destructive
God help me, I'm not being very constructive

If I ran away tonight, would you miss me at all
'Cause you never see me or even bother to call
I lie here in my room, in the darkness all alone
Waiting, hoping for you to call me on the phone

'Cause all I need is some peace to get me through this night
All I need is a Love to wake me at first light

If I ran away tonight, if I disappeared
Would you wonder where I'd gone or is it like I feared
And really you don't care, just like to hear my songs
Or am I pessimistic and just plain wrong

Someone please help me, let me know that you care
Wrap your arms around me, let me know that you're there
Though I try to seem strong, I know that I am not
Tell me together the battle can be fought

© 2001

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