Words and Music by Dawn Xiana Moon

"We don't want you on our team."
Liz tossed aside blonde curls,
Hands on hips with all her second grade authority:
"Go away, your face looks like it got run over by a truck."
And tears fell down Cat's face to shouts of glee

She ran across the playground, behind the jungle gym,
And hid underneath a table for the rest of the hour;
She vowed to never cry in public again:
I will be strong,
I will be strong

Dinner at six, as wonderful could be,
But what Dean would remember for years:
His mother's comment about his friend as he stepped out the door:
"You said she's the same age as you but graduates in a term?
Then my boy, you should be ashamed of yourself.
You're two years behind."
Finally in the car, Dean whispered to himself,
I will be strong,
I will be strong

Her parents had loved Dave, and Steph did too,
Even though she's the one that broke things off.
Christmastime and she was home for the weekend
But breaking the news had just gone terribly wrong:

He wanted a house with a white picket fence
But Steph needed adventure and a partner in that:
"You're going to be single your entire life if you don't give up those silly dreams."
I will be strong,
I will be strong

And when will the time come when we won't have to hide insecurity
And when will the time come when we can face our vulnerabilities
And where is the one who promises that he will never leave
That knows our inner parts and weaknesses and loves us anyway?

I will be strong
I don't want to be strong
I can't be strong
I can't be strong.

© 2005

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